Monday March 23, 2009 at 10:56

A conversation between 8 year old boys

  • Funny conversation. My 8 year old brother and I went to the park to play yesterday. Because I was so bored, I made friends with this Chinese boy, Bryce, who was also 8 years old. He and my brother, immediately hit it off and were talking atop the jungle gym in the park.
  • Joshua: You know, I could see the future
  • Bryce: Silly, no one can see the future!
  • Joshua: But I can!
  • Bryce: How???
  • Joshua: Well, you see, the future isn't really the future.
  • Bryce: I think I know what you mean. Is it because it is attached to the past?
  • Joshua: *nods head*
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